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Re: [IPr] Anyone there????

I am staying tuned! :)

I would like to read what you have on this issue. I have been told all of
my health problems are caused by by not having enough faith or not praying
hard enough or something else in my life. I know that isn't the truth but
it does hurt but I try to consider the source.

Onto another subject: 
If you all really like and want the list as a place to share a part of us
that we are not able to do on the regular IP list please write to the
IP-ADMINISTRATORS  and let them know this list means something to you. I am
one of the IP AMDINs and I am trying to keep this list going. I asked for
this to be started and Michael took it upon himself to begin it since it is
his domain and he owns it he should be able to do what he wants but there
is alot of flack given to him and it would help I believe that he  knows
that you really do appreciate this list.
So this is all I am able to share on here:)  you can email me privately. I
know some of the other IP-ADMINs are on here so I am sure I will hear from
them - maybe not-  but I suspect I will - but I feel the people who want
this list should know that we need to communicate to Michael to let Michael
know you appreciate the list and his efforts in spite if the conflicts he
has recieved.
I find this list seems to be going very well..we are whole people and
diabetes is more than shots or pumping or insulins and types of insulins.
I just got the book  "Caring for the Diabetic Soul" published by the
American Diabetes Association. I am finding it very interesting and
helpful. So as you can see this part of us is even acknowledged by the ADA
:) So we are not crazy or nutz and this IS a part of diabetes.
I got mine at Barnes and Noble bookstore.
One more thing please keep me in your thoughts and prayers I am going
through chemo and my siezures are getting worse plus I am waiting for
approval for a special wheelchair by my insurance. I am not able to drive
anymore and am quite sad about that and lonely.
So I would appreciate your prayers and thoughts.
Anyone can reach me via email
email @ redacted
aol IM chat ID riverbijou
ICQ# 48743830 

At 08:45 PM 08/02/2000 -0500, you wrote:
>Now that we've got all that out of the way, and scared off anyone who isn't 
>up to reading a lot...  how many of our participants have ever encountered 
>the statement or attitude that says "your diabetes is the result of some sin 
>in your life" or "your diabetes is punishment for something"?  I'd like to 
>present some thoughts that show us that these statements are not accurate 
>and we don't have to feel guilty for having diabetes...  Stay tuned while I 
>locate my notes on that...
>Rev. Randall Winchester
>WD4HVA (email @ redacted)

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