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Re: [IPr] Anyone there????

In a message dated 08/03/2000 7:59:42 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< your diabetes is the result of some sin 
 in your life" or "your diabetes is punishment for something"?  >>

I am not sure that we have encountered that.  I will say that my husband and 
I examined our lives to make sure it wasn't.  Not saying it would be a 
"punishment" but the bible does say that others may suffer the consequences 
for "our" sin.  I will also say, we have looked hard to see what we could 
learn through this disease (about our relationship with God).  And I do 
believe that it is God's desire to use ALL things for the good of those who 
love Him.  

But.......................... all that said..........................  I know 
(even though I feel like we have worked hard to eliminate guilt) that Allison 
often (appears) to feel a lot of guilt regarding this disease.  There are 
many times she seems to feel as if there was something she could have done, 
not in having the disease, but in controlling her sugars.  Granted, sometimes 
there may be, but most often there isn't.  I hate to see that feeling of 
guilt in her.  We have talked about it.  I (& my hubby) have always taught 
our kids to take responsibility for themselves.  So in teaching what I think 
is a "good" thing, I think it is confusing for her!  I never want her to feel 
guilt or shame as a result of her diabetes!  She doesn't feel those over 
having it, only her blood sugar numbers.  She hates to take it if she fears 
it is high.  She hates to be asked what it is if it is high.  So if she 
doesn't tell me, I just check the meter.  I know it is hard for her, and it 
breaks my heart that she would accept responsibility for something that isn't 
always her fault.  

Mom to Allie 12, dx'd 8/98 and pumping 12/99
and Katie 10
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