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RE: [IPr] Anyone there????

we'll be waiting rev.
i know for myself if i criticize ,I get criticized.the word tells me that is not to be my fruit,therefore
i too try to leave it out of my basket.i'm kinda on the fruit subject this month because that is the
theme of our retreat next week-end.

sharon a diabetic of 30 yrs.pumper for 3 months.

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On 2 Aug 00, at 7:44, Flame & Vixen. wrote:

> I've been really wondering, too, if this list was simply quietly fading into
> nothingness.  I hope not, because I really like having the opportunity to
> hear other people's views & get a "lift" from reading their thoughts & ideas
> in a smaller forum than the IP list...are we all still here, just kind of
> waiting for everyone else to say something?  :)

Most of us are just busy on other things.  My time to read and respond to 
email is limited and tends to come in chunks several days apart.  I also like 
to take a little time to compose a reply if more than a few lines are needed.  
In the past month I've been the Spiritual Director for a Chrysalis Flight, 
took some vacation time, made a business trip to St. Louis, taught Sunday 
School three Sundays, attended a technology conference with the school 
teachers from the local school systems and even managed to find some time 
to play with my boys.  About the only thing I haven't done this month is 
preach somewhere...  

I've got to dig out my t-shirt that I made several years ago for a retreat I 
was working on - in big letters across the front it's got "RENT-A-
PREACHER" and underneath that it's got an appropriate cartoon...  

There are serious spiritual implications connected with diabetes, and they 
are an important part of any effort to manage the condition.  Many of us 
have developed strategies to help us deal with some of the events like 
depression and frustration.  When I find myself in those situations I make a 
special effort to spend a little more time in the morning and evenings 
reading from the Bible.  I often follow a reading pattern similar to that 
available online at http://www.satucket.com/lectionary/
(I don't agree with some of their theology and little of their politics, but 
the lectionary readings are excellent)

For day to day humor I often check http://www.botcw.com/thom/ for the 
latest Church of the Covered Dish cartoon.  I know the cartoonist (he's 
another Baptist preacher, except he's still working in his church) and so the 
cartoons take on a little more of an edge since I understand a the 

I've published my list of important things to remember, and since it's been 
a while I'll review them and post them here for comments in the near 
future...  and just so anyone doesn't get all upset, here's the disclaimer:

I'm a Southern Baptist minister, and that means I'm one of those Southern 
Gentlemen (I've got the documents to prove that! - y'all can just call me 
Rev. Col. Winchester) who tend to be a strange mix of conservative on some 
issues, liberal on others, while being stubborn and opinionated at all times.  
Unlike some of my collegues,  I'm not bothered by what other people choose 
to believe, since your error doesn't threaten my faith...   that is as long as 
you keep the discussion civil to me and any other people, including the ones 
that we both disagree with.

As a result of this, I've had opportunities to work alongside all kinds of 
interesting people in various situations.  I do criticize certain behaviors 
when necessary, especially those that I consider to be sinful, uncivilized or 
dangerous.  I try not to criticize persons, because my faith requires that I 
recognize all persons as created in the image of God and treasured by Him 
(even when he grieves over their errors).  

Given all that background, I'm also available to discuss spiritual issues via 
email or even telephone if necessary.  Just understand that my spritual 
framework is othodox Christianity (Southern flavor) and that's where I 
speak from...  

Now that we've got all that out of the way, and scared off anyone who isn't 
up to reading a lot...  how many of our participants have ever encountered 
the statement or attitude that says "your diabetes is the result of some sin 
in your life" or "your diabetes is punishment for something"?  I'd like to 
present some thoughts that show us that these statements are not accurate 
and we don't have to feel guilty for having diabetes...  Stay tuned while I 
locate my notes on that...

Rev. Randall Winchester
WD4HVA (email @ redacted)
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for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe, contact: HELP@insulin-pumpers.org
send a DONATION http://www.Insulin-Pumpers.org/donate.shtml