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Re: [IPr] (no subject) Or Any (Spiritual) Subject!

On 8 Apr 2002 at 15:55, email @ redacted wrote:

> I have been receiving info on new members, but I have not received any
> emails from this site.  Do we reply individually? Priscilla
> ----------------------------------------------------------

It is interesting that you have brought this subject up.  There have been very few (less 
than half-dozen) posts since Christmas.  It would seem that there is even more traffic on 
YIP than on the Spirit list.  I was also surprised that there weren't more posts around 9/11. 
I would have thought that people would have really been drawn to their spiritual side in 
such a time.  I think the administration was very accepting of posts on the main list, thus 
not much traffic here.

As far as how you post here, individually or in reply are fine.  If you have a topic to bring 
up, please feel free to post it here.  This is the List for posting mail on religious or spiritual 
matters, and we have very little constraint other than accepting everyone else's views.

George Lovelace
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