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[IPs] Search Engine

A number of list members have requested a search facility for the 
mail archives. Please see the SEARCH link at the bottom of the main 
web page. All of the mail archives and the web site are available in 
the search.  The search engine is still BETA, so try an break it so I 
can fix the problems.

The Diabetic Spider is busy walking the rest of the internet and more 
sites will be available in the "search the NET" category over the 
next few weeks (right now it's a little skinny). It will probably 
take about a month to fill up the current search index for the best 
sites about diabetes on the internet. 

If you have a good - not so obvious site in mind, e-mail me 

email @ redacted
Insulin-Pumpers hjemmeside http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/