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[IPs] Kontinuerlig blodsukkermåling

For to dager siden ble MiniMeds nye kontinuerlige blodsukkermåler godkjent
av FDA i følge deres hjemmeside. Dermed nærmer dagen seg hvor insulinpumpen
kan bli "intelligent".
Se: http://www.minimed.com/files/pr_30.htm

Har noen mere kjennskap til dette så si ifra!!!


MiniMed Inc. Announces Unanimous Conditional Recommendation Of FDA Panel For
Continuous Glucose Monitoring System To Treat Diabetes

     Sylmar, California, February 26, 1999 - MiniMed Inc. (Nasdaq: MNMD)
today announced that a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Advisory Panel has
issued a conditional recommendation for agency approval of MiniMed's
premarket approval application (PMA) for a system designed to provide
continuous glucose monitoring for people with diabetes. The Panel has
unanimously recommended that the FDA approve the PMA, subject to the
satisfaction of certain pre-market, post-market and labeling conditions.

MiniMed's PMA relates to a physician monitor product to be used as a tool in
treating patients with diabetes, much like a cardiac Holter-style monitor.
MiniMed's continuous glucose sensor is designed to be inserted into the
subcutaneous tissue, usually in the abdominal area, utilizing a soft cannula
type device.

Commenting on the announcement, Alfred E. Mann, MiniMed's Chairman and CEO,
stated, "We are pleased with the Panel's unanimous action today and intend
to begin addressing the Panel's recommendations and conditions immediately."
Terrance H. Gregg, President and Chief Operating Officer, added, "We are
appreciative of these recommendations and look forward to providing another
tool to advance the state of diabetes care."

MiniMed Inc. designs, develops, manufactures and markets advanced infusion
systems with a primary emphasis on the intensive management of diabetes. The
Company's products include external pumps and related disposables, as well
as the distribution of an implantable insulin pump, which is currently
approved for sale in the European Community and has not yet been cleared for
marketing in the U.S. The Company also distributes other diabetes supplies
and pharmaceutical products. The Company has submitted an application for
marketing clearance for a system designed to continuously monitor glucose
levels, is preparing to introduce other continuous glucose monitoring system
products, and is developing new infusion systems to deliver compounds
designed to treat a variety of medical conditions.

Insulin-Pumpers hjemmeside http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/