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Re: [IPs] Animas

Jeg hadde kontakt med Animas ved juletider i fjor, og fikk vedlagte svar. Siden det har jeg imidlertid ikk hÝrt noe.

Tor Aasrum

Dear Mr. Aasrum,

Thank you for your inquiry regarding the Animas pump and sensor.  Since we 
last corresponded, Animas has received FDA clearance to market our pump, 
which was launched in the U.S. in July.  As we have been focused on the 
domestic market, we postponed our launch in Europe until mid-2001.  Animas 
anticipates receiving the CE mark the beginning of the second quarter and 
selling our pump in a few European countries by mid-year.  At this time, we 
do not have a specific time frame for Norway, but I would expect that we 
will have a distributor there by third quarter.

We will certainly advise you of contact information of our Norwegian 
distributor when one is trained and established.  Meanwhile, please check 
our website for full information on our products, including the "Virtual 
Pump" which is an interactive program to give you a real hands-on feel for 
the Animas pump.

Best regards,

Ilan B. David
Animas Corporation
Vice President of Sales and Managed Care
Domestic & International

Visit our website at www.animascorp.com

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> Har noen av dere erfaring med insulinpumpen Animas? Og har produsenten noen
> representant i Norge?
> Hilsen Arnstein Birkeland
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