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RE: [IPp] can't decide lantus/pump. why not both?

Dave doesn't mind being "tethered". He prefers it to shots and he has much
better control using the multiple basal rates (we have 4) with the pump. On
lantus, he would be high in the morning and low in the evening ... his A1Cs
were around 7 ... because the highs and lows balanced out. We tried two
lantus shots to emulate two basal rates and he still struggled. The medical
driver for our transition to the pump was Dave's requirement for more than 2
basal rates.

No matter what, the kids are tethered by their disease ... with MDI, Dave
would be tethered to his insulin kit ... if he didn't have insulin and
syringes with him, then we couldn't be spontaneous and stop for an ice cream
or dinner out. Now, he always has his insulin with him and he feels less
tethered with the pump! He went on a school retreat/lock-in this weekend and
didn't have to leave his retreat team for anything. We did a site change the
night before. He just tested and pushed buttons during the weekend, as
needed. He said he felt "normal", which is very important to a teenage boy!

To me, the mixed approach would include the best and worst of both worlds
... you would still need to do site changes AND your child would still have
to take insulin shots. The best - flexibility and ability to customize
insulin to your child's needs and activities are also there. I guess it
would be a matter of preference.

Terri Wolfrom

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I am wondering how many children do this un-tethered approach.  It
sounds so perfect.  Could kids take a lantus shot at night and then wear
their pump at night and at school, but take it off from 3p.m. - 9 p.m.
Could they just plug in to bolus at suppertime?


Jenny (Tommy, 10, diagnosed type 1 4/2005)  (Andy, 13 and husband, Dan) 






Un-Tethered Link:






Letter from CWD:



> Is he going to be wearing his pump at all??  Jesse

> uses 18u of lantus and gets 4.5U  Novolog thru the

> pump.   So, thats aout a 75/25 split...He did this all

> summer long and it worked out great...  but during the summer, he was 

> super active and hardly wore the pump during the day. And there were 

> also some nights he was untethered too...  Now, that he's in school, 

> and not as active, he needs that 4.5U of novolog...

> Let him try the 75/25 ratio...when you change the pump

> basals, remember where his morning or evening rises

> are, so he can program a bit more insulin at that

> period..

> Stacey
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