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[IPp] Re:

I found it a little hard a first to have my daughter who was 3 at the 
time to wear (what looked like this big thing to me at the time) her 
pump out so everyone could see it. That didn't last too long. I figured 
if anyone asked what it was (which is rare) I could use that as a chance 
to educate them about diabetes in children. You would be amazed at what 
people think about diabetes. I love it when they say " when will she 
grow out of it." 

Anyway most of the time its clipped  to her pants or shorts. When she 
wears a dress I put little biker/ exercise shorts on under her dress so 
she can clip her pump to it. At night she puts it on her underwear 
mostly or she may put it on her shirt by the collar. She has never said 
anything to me about it getting in her way. Only if it was in a 
belt/pouch. I have tried the pouch thing during the day but she really 
doesn't like them. We tried the belt loop too, but not allot of girl 
clothes have belts. I hate it  when you find a cute outfit but it has a 
small elastic waist band. The pump kinda flops around on those kind of 
shorts.  Even the leather covers we don't use, there to bulky.
 Plus then people think my 6 yr old has a cell phone. My husband got 
really upset onetime when she was 3 yrs old he heard  a couple talking 
about how stupid & crazy we were for letting are child have a cell 
phone. Needless to say they are now educated, I think my husband said 
how he thought it was really stupid & crazy one was to not  know it was 
an insulin pump for his diabetic daughter.


Natalie G Rodgers wrote:

>My 4-year-old Andrea is going to start on her Cozmo pump on Monday,
>September 29.  She is already wearing it around trying to get used to it.
> For others who have young pumpers, what do you find to be the most
>helpful way to carry the pump, both during the day and at night?  We have
>a little backpack and also a waist pack (both actually made for the
>Minimed) - both of which she insists she wants to wear on the outside of
>her clothes so that everyone can see her pump!  What have other parents
>found to work well with active little ones?
>-Natalie Rodgers
>Mom of Andrea dx 1/28/03 pumping Cozmo 9/29/03, Alicia 2, Carlos 4 months
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