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[IPp] Re:

Yes, we did invest in the updated Paradigm 512.  It was $450 to upgrade, 
but the warranty
on the new pump will be what the warranty on the old pump was.  It is 
used with the new
Paradigm Link meter, which is like the BD Logic meter.  It uses 
different strips than what
we used to use - One Touch Ultrasmart.  HOWEVER, it has the new 
Ultrafine 33 lancets,
which are wonderful! The lancet is definitely smaller and for obvious 
reasons - will be better
liked by our children.  The drop of blood needed is SO TINY - I am not 
exaggerating -
it would never be enough for the other meters!  This is also a big plus 
for us!!!
As for the link - once you test with the new meter, the pump also beeps 
with the blood sugar
reading.  From there, you plug into pump if you are going to be eating 
(carb amount) and if not 0,
and it will calculate (based on what you have previously entered for how 
much 1 unit insulin brings
your child down, plus how many carbs are needed for 1 unit insulin, 
etc.)  It calculates what the
correction factor should be, as well as more insulin if you are eating, 
or if you aren't high - but eating,
it will calculate insulin needed based on carbs.  Takes a few more 
seconds to enter this info - but
once you get the hang of it - it isn't any time at all.  It also takes 
into consideration the basal rate
as well as past bolus that you've given and may not be all gone yet.
There are numerous other options we haven't even began to get into yet - 
as we just got it
about 5-6 days ago.  I think it will be a big help in my daughter's 
decision making when she is at
school etc.  I'll keep you posted as we get into more options.
She likes it - of course, it's purple!  A Little more "Girly" for her!
Good luck!
Cathy in Kansas, Mom to Rachel 11, dx diabetes 9/93, celiac 1/02, 
pumping 10/02

Sandra Winkworth wrote:

>I just read a little about the updated Paridigm.   Did anybody invest in
>this?   How does it work?   How much did it cost to upgrade? I'm really
>not too familiar with it.  I see it does calculations for you.   I don't
>know about your kids, but when my daughter gets a bolus I usually always
>have to figure some variable in (i.e. exercise, previous bolus, more
>insulin per carbs for breakfast, less insulin per carbs before bed etc.
>etc.). What do you find to be the biggest advantage? Also, I currently
>use the BD monitor (as a backup).   I have a lot of trouble with it. 
>I've gotten 2 incorrect readings.  BD has replaced two monitors already
>because of reading discrepancies. Any input I'd appreciate.  I'm thinking
>about the upgrade, but I just don't know if it's worth it.  Maybe I
>should let them work some of the bugs out first. Thanks!! 
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