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RE: [IPp] Re: attire for pumpin' toddler

I got a pack from Pump Wear, but Emma currently has her Cozmo in a neon pink
cell phone case (for Nokia phones)I got at Target on clearance - $2! It comes
with a strap that just happens to fit perfectly around her waist.  She also
likes to show off her pump, and she's not shy about telling other little kids
not to touch!  Wal Mart also has these nifty cell phone cases that are furry
animals.  I'm going to get a couple of those as well.  It's harder to get the
 pump out of the cell phone case, because it's narrower, but not too much. Also,
 put the pump in upside down, or if you do put it in right side up, don't pull
out by the tubing.  I have discovered it causes bubbles in the line and I have
to re-prime.  The pump packs made specifically for pumps usually hold the pump
sideways, and I haven't had the bubble problem with those.  Good luck!

Mom to Madeline 9, Austin 7, Emma 4 dx 10/9/02 - pumping Cozmo 9/22/03, Abigail
3, Genevieve & Gracie 1 

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Hi Natalie,

If Andrea wants to wear her pump outside to show it off - I would let 
her do that and see how it does.  It's good that she has a positive 
attitude about it, and you want to keep that!   I've been surprised at 
how well the infusion sites stick to our daughter Sigrid, even just 
using SkinPrep (nothing stronger).   So they could take quite a tug, 
and be unaffected.

  Sigrid has worn a pump since she was seventeen months old.  What works 
for us is the following:

(1) She always wears the pump in a fanny pack (pump under tummy).  We 
have four of them, to allow for spills, washing, swimming/bathing etc.  
You can get them from pumppouch.com (custom made for Andrea's waist 
size, in your choice of fabrics).  Or, of course, you could make them 

(2) We try to always tuck the fanny pack and tubing into her pants - 
she's always wearing fairly loose, elastic-waist pants or panties of 
some type.  With dresses, if the dress didn't come with panties, I get 
her a pair of bike-type shorts in a coordinating color to wear 
underneath.  Once she's wearing either a dress or a shirt (not tucked 
into the pants) you usually can't see the bulge in her pants.  This 
keeps the tubing from getting snagged (also keeps the cats from 
attacking it!)  Keeping the pump and tubing out of sight also means 
that the other kids at daycare aren't tempted to try to play with it.

(3) Since the Cozmo is waterproof, you have this option - for bathing 
or swimming, she just continues to wear the pump in its pouch, and then 
we change her into a dry pouch when bath/swim is over.   I found a 
swimsuit which had a little skirt attached which camouflaged the bulge 
quite well - but it was a one-piece and this turned out to be 
inconvenient for pump access.  Next summer, I'll try harder to find a 
two-piece with a skirt attached.

(4) When getting clothes for Andrea, keep in mind whether they'll work 
with the pump.  Right now, we need to pass up the pants which aren't 
loose enough to tuck the pump inside.  When Sigrid is older, I assume 
she'll wear the pack outside her clothes and it won't be such an issue.

Congratulations on the pump!

- Maria
mom to 23 m.o. Sigrid, dx'd 11mos., pumping w/Cozmo since 17 mos.

On Friday, September 26, 2003, at 10:50  PM, pop-digest wrote:

> My 4-year-old Andrea is going to start on her Cozmo pump on Monday, 
> September 29.  She is already wearing it around trying to get used to 
> it.  For others who have young pumpers, what do you find to be the 
> most helpful way to carry the pump, both during the day and at night?  
> We have
> a little backpack and also a waist pack (both actually made for the
> Minimed) - both of which she insists she wants to wear on the outside 
> of
> her clothes so that everyone can see her pump!  What have other parents
> found to work well with active little ones?
> - -Natalie Rodgers
> Mom of Andrea dx 1/28/03 pumping Cozmo 9/29/03, Alicia 2, Carlos 4 
> months
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