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Re: [IPp] Weight Gain

    Sorry to disagree with some other posts, but I'm finding this is not at 
all uncommon in the teenaged diabetic population. My own daughter started 
 pumping at age 13 & did not put on much weight for the first 5 years. Other
moms though had their daughters gain anywhere from 15-30 lbs, primarily from 
 "being able" to eat whatever, whenever...unlike the days of multiple injections
& dietary constraints.
   Once my daughter went off to college, she too gained weight- up to 20 lbs. 
Not only did many of the older female teens on pumps appear to gain weight, 
but interestingly, when we moms compared notes, they did so in a similar 
 pattern: i.e. "thick through the middle". A friend in Massachusetts saw her
gain close to 60 lbs before her endocrinologist put the teen on Dr. Atkins 
 diet. He felt that her health was being more compromised by the weight gain
by getting a "kick start" on losing by following the Atkins plan.
   According to my daughter's CDE, this happens because of the female 
 hormones, the natural "shape change" that happens once the girls are in high
(look at the bodies of 13 yr olds vs 17 yr olds) & the fact that being better 
controlled means that the body "uses" all those carbs, storing the excess ones 
as body fat.
   My daughter did lose some weight this summer and last summer, but as soon 
as she returned to "college lifestyle eating", she's already put on a few lbs. 
   However....after speaking to a mom of a 16 yr old who was recently 
 hospitalized for 6 wks with "diabulemia" ( eating disorder) who is either not
her insulin or binge/purgeing......the weight battle is easier to accept. 
    Lastly, if you go to www.google.com & type in "insulin pumps and weight 
gain", you will find other resources to confirm what you are seeing with your 
Renee ( pump mom to Melissa..dx'd at 9/ pumping 7 1/2 yrs/ 20 now)
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