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[IPp] Re: (no subject)

Hi Natalie

My 3 year old son Justin also has a pump waist pouch, and a little pump back 
pack. For us the back pack is the best because it keeps his little curious 
 hands away from the pump. When Justin takes a bath I normal disconnect him from
the pump, but when he is running an extended bolas I put the waist pouch on 
him for his bath instead of waiting 3 hours for the bolas to end to give him a 
 bath. Also, wearing the back pack on the outside of Justin clothes didn't work
for us because the line could get caught on something, and ripped out easily. 
 I put the back pack on under his clothes. I also buy him bigger shirts so I 
can take the pump out through the neck of his shirt instead of pulling his 
shirt up. Just a though if you live were it gets cold. Hope this helped. 

Gina, Mom of Justin, 3 years old, Pumping with Cozmo
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