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Hi Natalie,

Please see http://www.pumpwearinc.com

 My neighbor has a 2 year old and they use the pump paks, t-shirts and often put
a sweatshirt over the tshirt that is made to hold the pump.

Hope this helps.  I also use the tshirts and pump paks for my daughter.


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My 4-year-old Andrea is going to start on her Cozmo pump on Monday,
September 29.  She is already wearing it around trying to get used to it.
 For others who have young pumpers, what do you find to be the most
helpful way to carry the pump, both during the day and at night?  We have
a little backpack and also a waist pack (both actually made for the
Minimed) - both of which she insists she wants to wear on the outside of
her clothes so that everyone can see her pump!  What have other parents
found to work well with active little ones?
-Natalie Rodgers
Mom of Andrea dx 1/28/03 pumping Cozmo 9/29/03, Alicia 2, Carlos 4 months

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