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[IPp] Cat chewed the tubing

We've had the pump a little over 24 hours now.  I'm sitting on the floor across
from Emma, with the pump in my hand, downloading bolus history.  Leda, the cat,
is staring at the line.  A second later, I realize she is chewing on the line,
and now I see bubbles in the formerly clear tubing.  Sh*t.  Now I have to worry
about the cat.  She has chewed a hole in the tubing. It didn't even take two
seconds. Please tell me I'm not the only one this has happened to.

Mom to Madeline 9, Austin 7, Emma 4 dx 10/9/02 - pumping Cozmo 9/22/03, Abigail
3, Genevieve & Gracie 1 
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