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[IPp] Re: Help!!!!!!!!!!! No food for 2 weeks

       The poor little guy!  But I know from experience that it is probably 
harder on Mom!!!
       Claire has had surgery on her palate three times, twice since having 
diabetes.  She was not allowed anything at all (not even water) after the last 
surgery, then after two days was allowed liquids, then after another few days 
soft foods only for three weeks.  No straws allowed though, nor anything 
remotely sticky.  
       This is quite easy to handle with the pump, not so easy on shots.  
       You will likely find lots of things to feed him.  Claire quite enjoyed 
it, as she had lots of custards, puddings, apple sauce and ice cream. She 
would also slurp down those packets of instant noodles.  With the Ensure, or 
 other brands of high protein drinks, Justin will get additional nutrients. You
 might be able to try creamy scrambled eggs as well. The plastic surgeon's nurse
will have the best ideas on what to feed him, as they have the most 
experience with this. 
       If he is in pain, it might be reflected in higher bgs., so keep using 
the pain relievers as necessary.  

Good luck,
Barbara, Mum of Claire 9
> While playing in our back yard he fell down, and hit his face on our 
> concrete patio, and split open his chin all the way down to the bone. A 
> plastic
> surgeon was call in, and Justin needed over 20 stitches to close up the 
> wound.
> He
> is now not allowed to chew. So NO EATING for to weeks, he is only allowed to 
> sip out of a straw. Anyone have any ideas on what to feed him, keep in mind 
> he 
> is only 3. I called Endo, and was told to give him ensure, mash potatoes, 
> milk shakes. His Numbers were a little high this morning, but he is OK today
> just
> in some pain. Thanks for listening 
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