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[IPp] Meditation a danger to diabetics???????? <long>

We have had long term difficulties with our daughter's school district.
Annelyse was dx'd at 4, so her entire school experience as been as a diabetic
student. Annelyse is an excellent student. However, the schools endlessly
appear to beleive that they know more about how to care for her diabetes than
both we and her doctors do.

This latest incident involves a school social worker contracted (and
area/county agency) by the schools to work with children. There has been
long-term concern on the part of many of her educators that Annelyse has
emotional highs and lows. (Yes, we have explained EXTENSIVELY, that much of
this has to do with changes in BG and also the different stressers that
chronically ill children face. Not to mention being 13). Annelyse is also
subject to comments form other children. The school's solution to this is now
and has always been, that Annelyse needs to "toughen up" and there has been an
endless quest for us to "fix her", via counseling.

Annelyse does participate in diabetes camp, is active with ADA activies and
particapates in on-line support with other teens. She is also very active in
our church communities, where she finds strong support. We as a family, did
not feel that she needed to see a counselor outside of what we were already
providing. However, a referal to the school's contracted counselor was made by
one of her teachers. We were hesitant to allow to see this person (due to so
much mis-imformation on her condition in the past). However, after a lengthy
discussion with the councelor we decided that it might be helpful for her to
meet with her and learn some new "coping tools". This is where it all went

Annelyse met with the counselor yesterday. She and I were discussion her
feeling about the meeting when she mentioned "Mom, did you know that
meditation is dangerous for diabetics?". I was aghast! We belong to Point of
Vision Presbyterian Church and the foundation of our spiritual practice is
meditation and contemplative prayer. Also, I was an ordained minister in
another organization for 15 years and have practiced meditation most of my
adult life and have taught numberous classes on it as a tool in prayer. NEVER
had I heard that it posed a danger to diabetics.

I can understand that it might be a danger to someone with some very specific
form of advanced micro-vascular disease. However, that would be a
dertermination a doctor would need to make. I can't imagine that it poses a
"danger" to all diabetic people. The only evidence that I can find discussing
this, explains the benefit of meditation in lowering high blood pressures.

Despite the fact that we believe this person to be in error, our major concern
was that she shared this "information" with a 13 year old. We also have
concerns that if she is willing to share something like this, what's next?

My husband did meet with the school this morning (the contracted councelor was
not there). As of now, their only responce is "sorry that happened". We are so
tired of the totally insane level of disrespect in this district that we are
moving. Annelyse's doctor had recommended that we keep her at this school for
the remainder of 8th grade. We are not so certain that is a good idea.
However, if we do move her we face training a whole new set of people, not to
mention the distrubtion to her emotional and educational life.

I also, do undertand how schools work. I have worked in public and private
education in some form, since I was 19 years old. I spent years as a special
educator and still work part-time for two school districts. I know that there
are "know-it-all" teachers out there. Never in a million years, did I expect
to find an entire district so unwilling to be educated on an issue that is
life and death (not to mention emotional survival) for a child. Never in a
million years, did I excpect to see the total disrespect for child and her
family. NEVER EVER, did I expect that this behavior would be supported from
the superintendent's office on down. (if you like to know the rest of the
story e-mail me.......I won't make the entire group read the "saga" that we
have faced)

Has ANYONE heard about this issue with diabetes? We are open to reviewing any
information you many have.

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