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Re: [IPp] Help!!!!!!!!!!! No food for 2 weeks

As a treat - my daugher gets what is called (here in Kansas) a "snowball"
which is frozen, whipped up pop.  She likes dr pepper - so she gets a dr 
pepper snowball.
It is thick and you drink with a straw.  Rachel does insulin for it - 
but it is a more fun way to
drink pop.  They also have the slushies at Sonic with all different 
fruit flavors.  These too
are not sugar free - and you'd have to do some insulin for them - but he 
would be getting
some fluids (which he needs) - and it might make the 2 weeks a little 
more fun for him.
I would also make sure he gets some sort of a fruit juice (since he 
can't eat fruits).
Rachel likes her Sunny Delight in the morning for breakfast - at least 
on school days -
helps wake her up!
Good luck!!!
Cathy in Kansas, Mom to Rachel 11, dx diabetes 9/93, celiac 1/02, 
pumping 10/02

email @ redacted wrote:

>  While playing in our back yard he fell down, and hit his face on our 
 > concrete patio, and split open his chin all the way down to the bone. A
 > surgeon was call in, and Justin needed over 20 stitches to close up the
>is now not allowed to chew. So NO EATING for to weeks, he is only allowed to 
 >sip out of a straw. Anyone have any ideas on what to feed him, keep in mind he
>is only 3. I called Endo, and was told to give him ensure, mash potatoes, 
> milk shakes. His Numbers were a little high this morning, but he is OK today
>in some pain. Thanks for listening 
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