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Re: [IPp] Blood Sugars

> I'm curious if anyone has this problem or if its just us.  Lately
> we've been having good numbers at bedtime, which is around 8:30 PM,
> Steph is usually between 100-150.  Last night she was 116 and she
> had a drinkable yogurt and a rice krispi treat, she bolused for just
> the yogurt because I was afraid if she did it for the treat, she'd
> be low...well she went low anyway....she was 43 at 11 pm...I

Eating before sleep messes up bg's. My observation has been that not 
as much insulin is used for food while sleeping so the chance of a 
low after a snack goes up. Best stability is to avoid eating the 4 - 
5 hours prior to retiring. This gives your body time to digest all 
the food and you run on basal-only during your sleep period.
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