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[IPp] Re: Testing in class

>>From: "Julia Zegarra" <email @ redacted>
I wonder how you get the DPH to change their policies...

Hi Julia,

Our school district nurse told us that OSHAs blood borne 
pathogen law prevented Noah from testing in the classroom. 
 I called the state health department and they said "no, 
diabetics bg testing is not considered hazardous."  I told 
her that and she backed down immediately.  I don't think 
she was trying to pull anything...I think she just 
believed that without bothering to check.  She then tried 
to sway us by saying that all the other diabetics before 
Noah tested in her office and the only problem was one 
time when a student had a low and fell down the steps on 
his way to her office to test but didn't get hurt!  Like 
that's going to convince me!  Yeah, right!  Our district 
policy before Noah was to assign a student to accompany 
the diabetic student to the nurse's office whenever he/she 
suspected a low.  Can you imagine the burden/resentment on 
that assigned student and the embarrassment of the 
diabetic student who is forced to have a "caretaker?" 
 Anyway, Noah is the first student in his school district 
to test his bgs in the classroom or anywhere/anytime.  We 
also have that written up in his Section 504 Plan.

Cindy, mom to 16 y/o Noah, dx age 9, pumping since 6/99
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