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[IPp] Diabetic Children Prefer Pump Over Injections

Diabetic Children Prefer Pump Over Injections
Fri Sep 5,12:52 PM ET
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 NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Intensive insulin therapy is feasible and safe for
children with type 1 diabetes, investigators report in the medical journal
Pediatrics. They found that in a small trial, more children preferred treatment
with continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion (CSII) over multiple daily insulin

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 Dr. Naomi Weintrob, of Schneider Children's Medical Center of Israel in Petah
Tikva, and colleagues conducted what they believe is the first trial in which
children with type 1 diabetes, also referred to as "juvenile diabetes," were
randomly assigned to one of the two treatment methods. After receiving one
treatment the 23 participants, who ranged in age from 8 to 14 years, were then
switched over to the other treatment.

 Glucose control increased significantly between an initial educational session
and the start of the trial. At the end of the seven-month trial, glucose levels
did not differ significantly between treatment arms. However, total daily
insulin dose decreased during CSII therapy and increased during MDI, the report

 According to scores on Diabetes Treatment Satisfaction Questionnaires, patients
preferred using the pump (average score 30.6) compared with multiple daily
insulin injections (average score 21.4). Sixteen subjects preferred CSII because
of greater flexibility with meal times, the perception of glucose control, and
avoidance of the pain of injections.

 Among those who preferred multiple daily insulin injections, the reasons for
not liking the pump device included poorer glucose control and fear of weight
gain. Other reasons were scarring at the infusion site, fear of insertion of the
device, and shame about wearing the pump.

 Weintrob and colleagues recommend that both treatment modes be made available
to diabetes treatment teams and their patients to better tailor therapy.

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