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[IPp] Re: Post-meal BGs & school tests

Sherry asks:

> Does a person without D just never spike up like the D kids do 
> because the insulin works more effectively (timewise-better coordinated with 
> the digestion process)?  

The doctor wanted my hubby to go for a fasting glucose test to check for Type 
2.  I thought this was a waste of health care dollars and so did the testing 
myself.  Did several morning tests and his bgs were perfect.  

Then I thought we should do a glucose tolerance type of test, like is done in 
the labs.  I had him drink several large glasses of the kid's kool-aid (about 
70 carbs worth) after establishing his beginning bg.  Blood glucose levels at 
one hour, two hours and about 2 1/2 hours (when we then had our dinner) were 
all perfect at 5.3  (this is around 100).  (I found this hard to take, given 
how hard Claire works just to attempt to stay between 4-12 mmol).

So, I don't know if non-DM kids never spike up after eating, but if they do 
it probably is an extremely short-lived spike. 

Btw, when my hubby told the doc that he could test his bgs. at home on his 
 daughter's meter, the doc said, "no, no, this is Type 2 diabetes we are talking
about".  Yes and I suppose that blood glucose values don't matter for Type 
1s???   Boy oh boy, and we wonder why Gym teachers get it wrong!!!

Barbara, Mum of Claire 9   --who went from a perfect 5.6 at 4:15 today, to 
21.1 a few hours later, without any food in between.  Sigh.....
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