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RE: [IPp] Post-meal BGs & school tests

> I have the exact same question but about the period right after
> breakfast!  Alex has has several placement tests this week at 9am.
> School starts at 8:30, his breakfast would be about 7:45-8:15 time
> frame.  He is high at 9am!  One time I had him bolus a small amount
> but one time I told him not to take the test.  He was mad, the
> teacher was nice but sounded very pacifying.  What do I do?  No
> tests for the 2 hours after breakfast or lunch???  The thing is, I
> think he is actually ok (not as good as if he was in range) if he is
> less than say 220.  any thoughts??Fayeron mom to Alex (10, dx'd
> 8/01, pumping paradigm 4/03), Zack (10), Josh (4), wife to Bob for
> 15 years 

The science says that high blood sugars impair mental function. Not a 
lot but some. If his bg's are getting that high after breakfast then 
it sounds like some tweaking is in order. We went through that and 
found that with some 'messin' around bg's could be brought down to 
acceptable levels. For a while, Lily just did a bolus when she got up 
in the morning then when she ate breakfast, she would calc her carbs 
and bolus some more as needed. The extra push early stabilized her 
bg's for the morning quite nicely.

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