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Re: [IPp] highs on hot days in school?

> Talk about heat issues. We live in AZ. I have to order my daughter's
> Novolog via mail under our health plan. My last shipment came in mid
> July and we 
>  started using it in early August. (temperatures at the time of
>  delivery were
> around
> 115) During the month of August my daughter had several unexplained
> high BS and I've been steadily increasing her basal. It finally
> dawned on me that the heat could have effected the quality of the
> insulin. When I called the mail order pharmacy to express my concern
> they acted as if the heat could not have contaminated the insulin
> and suggested that I talk to her doctor as there was probably
> something else going on. My copay on her insulin is $190.00. My 
>  daughter's BS does come down when she boluses so it is working that
>  way but I'm
> confused. If the insulin was bad would it be working at all? 
> Any thoughts...
> Claudia
>  Mom to Tess dx10/99, pumping 3/01

Insulin degrades at about a 1 to 1 1/2 % rate per month at room 
temperature. This is GREATLY accelerated by heat. At temperatures 
above 100 F, insulin can degrade in hours instead of weeks or months. 
Standard shipping recommendations from the insulin mfg's warn against 
exposure to elavated temperatures.

So yes, the insulin may still work after exposure to high 
temperatures, but it may not be as potent. The loss of a few percent 
effectiveness would probably not be noticed

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