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Re: [IPp] highs on hot days in school?

My son just started first grade in  the Chicago area and we are 
experiencing highs also in this heat and change in routine..  Since, he 
is more sedentary now in the afternoon I have been up titrating his 
basil rates.  We use U25 Novolog or diluted insulin and have had  a bad  
mail order insulin that got overheated or whatever and first had to deal 
with this last week.  Good luck.  The weather does change,  I guess that 
is good.  The school does have heat.

>My 1st grade soon who has been on the pump for over a year has just started 
 > his first year of full day school. His class room is not air-conditioned and
>live in the Chicago area and it's been in the mid to upper 80's. We get calls 
>from school that he has been high, as high as 400. Does anybody have similar 
>problems and how do you adjust?
>Bob Nowak
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