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RE: [IPp] gym teachers @%#$%

The really disturbing thing is that this person is a "health" educator.  That's
 like having a spelling teacher who can't spell, or a math teacher who can't
Furthermore, he said something essentially defamatory to the children with
diabetes and asthma in front of everyone else.  Flying off the handle certainly
won't help, but perhaps a MANDATORY class in pediatric health issues may.  As
nicely as I could, I would demand re-training for this teacher.

Mom to Madeline 9, Austin 7, Emma 4 dx 10/9/02 - pumping Cozmo 9/22/03, Abigail
3, Genevieve & Gracie 1 

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You are not alone in frustrations with schools. Our Annelyse is an 8th grader
and we have faced this issue over and over. Despite our having an educational
meeting with all her teachers at the beginning of the school year, there are
still comments. Not only made to students, but also other parents. We have come
to see it an overall cultural issue. People think that they DO know about
diabetes. They may have had family members treated years ago or current family
members with type 2. They get information from the media is is often out-dated,
at best, or totally false, at their worst.

As an educator I am endlessly frustrated by educators that refuse to be
educated. Our school district here seems to be particularily bad. We have
totally had it and have put our house on the market. Now we will face educating
a whole new district. After 9 years  of "banging our heads against the wall"
with this one, we are ready to move on and give another system a chance.

 My advice would be to get as calm as you can and talk to the teacher. Go in
whatever you may have from ADA or JDA in printed information or print something
off the web. If the teacher doesn't respond well to this, head for the office
and or the counseling office. If you feel confident in speaking to groups, ask
to talk to all of her teachers in a meeting. The teacher most definately had
mis-information and made a HUGE mistake. The school needs to understand that
although it was a mistake, mis-information coming from school staff can be very
 hard to "un-do". They really need to join with you in an effort to un-do this
the best of their abilities.

I know how hard it is to not be just furious about this. Our kids go through so
much that the world just don't understand. I know how much I try to protect her
 from having to face anything more. I'm convinced that it is really going to
educating the public as a whole. As long as the public thinks that they "know
all about diabetes", we will face the frustrations of knowing that they clearly
don't . It WILL continue to show up in the classroom if that education doesn't
happen. Clearly a gym teacher or a health teacher should be more informed.
However, those of us with the most information are the ones that are going to
need to inform them.

Best of Luck with all of this. If you'd like our girls to get a chance to
e-mail, please let me know.

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Subject: [IPp] gym teachers @%#$%

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> Eves (16) first day of high school was on Tuesday. She has gym the 
> first hour. One of the gym teachers (not hers) was talking about the 
> benefits of staying fit and what can happen if you dont stay fit. He 
> went on to say that people who are not fit, overweight and dont eat 
> right get JUVENILE DIABETES. What??? This is a new one to me. I 
> thought that type 1 or
> diabetes was the bodys immune system destroying the insulin producing 
> cells. I thought it had nothing to do with being fit or not. The 
> following
> found on the CDC web site.
>    Type 1 diabetes was previously called insulin-dependent diabetes
> mellitus (IDDM) or   juvenile-onset diabetes. Type 1 diabetes develops
> the bodys immune system   destroys pancreatic beta cells, the only cells
> the body that make the hormone insulin that regulates blood glucose. 
> This form of diabetes usually strikes children and young adults, who 
> need
> insulin injections a day or an insulin pump to survive. Type 1 
> diabetes
> account for 5% to 10% of all diagnosed cases of diabetes. Risk factors 
> for type 1 diabetes include autoimmune, genetic, and environmental 
> factors.
>  The gym teacher than went on to say how he want those students who 
> have diabetes and asthma to meet with their gym teachers so that the 
> gym
> can put a name to a face. Well, after what that teacher said about
> Eve is not willing to tell her gym teacher about her diabetes.
> At least once a year a gym or health teacher says some thing like this 
> or just says you get diabetes for being overweight and not exercising. 
> These people are supposed to know better. Then of course Eve hears 
> from someone
> school she has diabetes because she wasnt fit. This tears my heart 
> out to have her hears things like this.
> At this point I dont know whom I can contact at this school.
> Deborah, mom to Eve
> Dx 5/96 pumping 5/99
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