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Re: [IPp] highs on hot days in school?

Hello Bob

I live in the UK so we don't often have such high temperatures that you 
 mention apart from in the Summer (just a week ago and previous to that it was
hot).  People who are on injections do often find that the heat forces the 
insulin to work quicker and therefore the children could experience low blood 
 sugars during the day when it is hot. If your child is going 'high' during
in the heat, I would alter the basal rate to allow for it if it is happening 
regularly.  Also, let your child take a sugar-free drink to school to help 
flush through the sugar in the blood and help the kidneys.  If this is a 
 temporary thing, just keep an eye on it. How long has your child been at school
what were the blood sugar readings beforehand?

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