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[IPp] Post-meal BGs & school tests

We are trying to set up a 504 for my daughter and draw some boundaries for 
target BG's.  She is not supposed to take tests if she is out of her target 
 range. That's not a problem usually, but how do you take care of the class just
after lunch? She is bound to be out of of target range while the lunch is 
 digesting and the insulin is beginning to work and she can't always avoid
 work in that class or do it at another time! My question--does that post meal
count affect cognitive functioning the same way an out of target count would 
at other times? Does a person without D just never spike up like the D kids do 
because the insulin works more effectively (timewise-better coordinated with 
the digestion process)?  How would you recommend this post-lunch class be 
 handled? She does bolus some of her lunch insulin as she is going to lunch to
 least get a little jump on the rising BG, but is very conservative with this so
she will not go low if lunch is delayed a bit or she doesn't eat what she 
planned on having.

Sherry, mom to Liz, age 14, dx3/01, pumping MM508-5/02 
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