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[IPp] Re: [IP] gym teachers

> Eves (16) first day of high school was on Tuesday. She has gym the
> first hour. One of the gym teachers (not hers) was talking about the
> benefits of staying fit and what can happen if you dont stay fit.
> He went on to say that people who are not fit, overweight and dont
> eat right get JUVENILE DIABETES.<


>  The gym teacher than went on to say how he want those students who
>  have
> diabetes and asthma to meet with their gym teachers so that the gym
> teacher can put a name to a face. Well, after what that teacher said
> about diabetes, Eve is not willing to tell her gym teacher about her
> diabetes.
> At least once a year a gym or health teacher says some thing like
> this or just says you get diabetes for being overweight and not
> exercising. These people are supposed to know better. Then of course
> Eve hears from someone at school she has diabetes because she wasnt
> fit. This tears my heart out to have her hears things like this.
> At this point I dont know whom I can contact at this school.
Well, first place to start would be the principal and complain 
(politely) about the gym teacher teaching the kids about health and 
medical topics when he/she is clearly unqualified to do so. I think I 
would ask that the teacher re-teach the session and apologize to Eve 
in front of the class.

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