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[IPp] Re: NPH instead of Lantus

Jennifer wrote:  This is definately one of those, what works for one 
doesn't work for another.
My son took lantus pre-pump and it definately  was the best at providing that
basal without the peaks, However it did take 10-12 hours for us to see it
take effect.<<

Hi Jennifer,

Rather than it taking 10-12 hours for it to work, maybe you just 
didn't give enough Lantus.  Noah's Lantus total is higher than is 
pump basal total.  If it starts working in 1.5 to 3 hours (that is 
the spread to cover how different people react), I wouldn't think it 
possible for it to not start working for 10-12 hours.  That's a huge 
difference!  Maybe it is the full moon theory!

Cindy, mom to 16 y/o Noah, dx age 9, pumping since 6/99
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