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Re: [IPp] Fwd: Re: What I'd like to do at this point


I am agreeing with your lawyer about having one or the other. I didn't think 
it was necessary either to have both plans. When each plan would pretty much 
say the same thing and have the same objectives and goals.  I know I have 
said this before, but I have been told that the IEP is stronger than a 504 
and would be better if you ever had to go to court.  Do what you feel is 
best, I know you will. I just don't want to see you get so wrapped up in 
pushing for both plans and forgetting the purpose of why you are fighting to 
even have one plan.  You want Jessy safe in school and to be as normal and 
independent as she can be for an 8 yr old.  This is only my opinion and I do 
have your very best interest at heart here....if it were me and Jessy were my 
daughter, I would do whatever I could to get a plan into affect as soon as 
possible, and if that means going to court to fight for what you believe 
Jessy needs, than do it. You have all of my support and good wishes.

Sarah  :)  Mom to Matthew (6) MM Paradigm since May 2002, dxd 3/99 and 
Victoria (7) Non-D...Love My kids!
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