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Re: [IPp] 504's

How do I go about finding an

>attorney. I have absolutely no funds to pay, and by the way we are on a

>scholarship for the school.

Dear Lisa,

First and foremost, I would be concerned about losing the scholarship if
you make waves, unless you have a lawyer who would fight all of this. 
Getting a lawyer, well I lucked out and someone put me in touch with a
public interest lawyer (doesn't cost a dime) but she is in Philadelphia. 
I recommend you pulling out the phone book and seeing if you can find a
public interest law firm who handles discrimination.  Look all over the
great state of Texas if you have to, they will travel to you and speak to
you over the phone.  (At least mine did.....she traveled to NJ for me). 
If you can not find a public interest lawyer, start looking at
discrimination lawyers, call them and ask them if they do any pro bono
cases and tell them your story.

Another thing you can do is get on the horn with The American Diabetes
Association (they have a booklet then can send to you to steer you in the
right direction, their phone number is 1-800-342-2383.  You can also
contact The American Disability Association (I spoke with a gentleman by
the name of Gene Spencer, very nice), their number is (205)328-9090.

Since private school is different than public, I will just tell you all
the roots that I took before getting the lawyer and letting her handle
it.  I called the Mayor, the county superintendent, I wrote to
assemlymen, and senators, and even the President of the United States
(not that any of them made any difference, they still heard me)  You may
want to consider doing the same just for G.P.!  You never know, if they
get inundated with letters on issues like these, they may decide to do
something about it!

Good luck, I wish you the very best......and please, keep us informed of
your progress!


Cindy, pump mom to Jessy (8) dx 1/02, Julie (4)non diab. and Trevor
(1)non diab.


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