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[IPp] Re: Copy of Matthews IEP (very long)

Hi Cindy,

> Can you get Claire the Cadex watch so she can remind herself to
> eat her snack.....you can actually program into the watch "Eat your
> snack" at the allotted time.  

Yes, I've read about that watch here, it sounds really great.  Now that she 
is pumping, though, the snack isn't necessary--no bolus, no food needed 
(normally).   Though it seems that this year, PE is wednesday mornings and 
because of that the teacher won't have time for snack that day???  And due to 
the PE she might need a little something, I'm going to watch and see.  Claire 
has a very competitive instinct and always wants to be the one who runs the 
fastest, or the furthest, etc.  LOL  When I spoke to the teacher and 
teacher's assistant (she is there for a learning issue with another boy) last 
week, they both mentioned that "gee, she doesn't look sick or anything.  She 
always wants to play more, run further etc" 
> I don't know the laws in Canada that protect the children with diabetes. 
> I am only beginning really to understand the ones here in the US. 

I truly wish you the best of > luck, and maybe even a sense of peace with 
> these "biddies".  
Canadian kids with diabetes get no legal protection in schools.  Legal 
liability is a funny thing.  It seems if you see someone on the street who is 
in dire need of medical intervention, you can watch them die, do nothing, and 
suffer no consequences.  If, however, you try to help them and they die 
anyhow, you can be sued.   One legal interpretation of this that I read said, 
however, that schools do have a duty of care.  They cannot stand by and do 
nothing when a child is at risk.  So now most schools agree to use Epi-pens 
for allergic anaphalaxis.  But it is all individual.  
     As for the old biddy, we changed schools, she is still at the other 
Barbara, Mum of Claire 8
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