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[IPp] 504's

Thanks to everyone who offered such valuable info.
I am in Houston, TX, and at this time the school is still performing testing 
and bolusing.  I have several questions.  How do I go about finding an 
attorney.  I have absolutely no funds to pay, and by the way we are on a 
scholarship for the school.
As far as the public funding, I am told that they accept grant money, does 
this count as public funding?  I assume so, but what do I know.  I will put a 
request in writing tomorrow requesting the 504, but is this something I can 
write or do I have to go with what they put down?  I have allready adapted 
one to meet our needs and submitted it to the counselor with no reply, Should 
I use this and ask for it to be put into effect?  Thanks for all the vital 
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