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Re: [IPp] IEP's and 504's

> My 7 yr old goes to a private school, that does accept public grant
> money.  she has been at this school for 4 years.  The first 3 they
> were awesome.  This year we have had nothing but trouble.  There is
> a new principal and counselor, and the teacher, who had a brother
> with t1, does not get how unstable my kid is.  They have asked me to
> sign a waver that states they will not be held responsible for
> anything for any reason, that I will never sue them, that they do
> not have to test or administer insulin unless they want to, that
> they are not responsible for interpreting result of any test, and on
> and on.  Yeah right like I would really sign something like that.
> Our CDE went out to the school on Wed to try to educate these people
> and I have contacted the ADA to ask for some advocacy help, with no
> results. Now to the point, I have asked for a 504 and given them
> samples to use.  (downloaded from this site of course!)  I get no
> response on implementing any written plan, except of coure the
> waiver they want me to sign.  Any suggestion on how to get them to
> put one into effect?

If they accept federal funds, they are subject to Section 504 
requirements. Send a written request for 504 meeting. They have 30 
days within which to schedule the meeting. If they fail to do that, 
file a complaint with the feds.

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