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Re: [IPp] Re: Copy of Matthews IEP (very long)

>They just forget things too easily. At least now when morning snack is

>"forgotten" by the teacher, it shouldn't result in a serious low, as

Dear Barbara,

It is amazing what these teachers don't want to be saddled with (God
forbid!)  Can you get Claire the Cadex watch so she can remind herself to
eat her snack.....you can actually program into the watch "Eat your
snack" at the allotted time.  You can put anything in there that you

>them ask me "Which part do I have to read?". Now I make them sit down

>me and listen to my presentation,

God bless you, Barbara.  There is definitely something wrong when the
teachers, who are supposed to be setting an example for the children are
moaning and groaning about educating themselves.  I find that
unnacceptable and very sad.

I don't know the laws in Canada that protect the children with diabetes. 
I am only beginning really to understand the ones here in the US.....my
head is still spinning from all the info I was forced to educate myself
with over the summer, but it was worth it.  I truly wish you the best of
luck, and maybe even a sense of peace with these "biddies".  It's nice to
know you have at least one person who knows about diabetes.


Cindy, pump mom to Jessy (8) dx 1/02, Julie (4)non diab. and Trevor
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your IEP was very thorough!! I can't imagine anyone >connected with
schools in Canada ever reading such long documents. I have >presented
teachers with a 10 minute reading summary of diabetes and have had (had
nurses/CDEs do it a couple of times >and they were awful) and I know that
their brains are just spinning. > Claire is in grade 3, but has had 5
different schools and 6 different >teachers in her life, not counting
pre-school (dx at age 2). I dread >educating the new ones every year. At
least at this new school, there are 2 >other DM kids, the first time
we've experienced this. The parents of the >little one in grade 1 have
really done a lot of training and stuff for the >school, (so I've heard),
but now the school seems to think that DM is totally >dangerous for this
6 year old, but is not a big deal at all for the 11 year >old boy, nor
for my daughter. I always stress that DM is serious for ALL >kids, and
that is why I don't like the confusion with Type 2 issues. > I go to the
school every day at lunch to check bgs and calculate bolus >amounts. I'm
happier this year as one of the playground supervisors/lunch >monitors is
very nice and has a young nephew with DM. (The one last year >complained
to the principal of the school about me the first day--the old >biddy!).
But she showed me her sheet of medical info on certain kids--she >carries
it in a fanny pack at all times--and there was no mention of my
>daughter. Its most annoying--I spoke to the principal in June and again
in >late August about Claire and DM. > I know its different for you in
the USA who have some legal protection >on these issues, but I don't like
to trust my daughter's care to anyone. >when Claire was only 4 years old.
In the UK the headmaster wasn't even told >about medical problems--it
just wasn't considered his responsibility. If you >didn't like it you
were quite welcome to leave the school and go elsewhere. > >Barbara, Mum
of Claire 8 > > > Actually, I think the IEP I proposed was well said and
covered literally > > everything. However, I am also no longer in the
same boat as Cindy is with > > her daughters school. My sons school came
to their senses and realized that > > I > > meant business and if things
were not done to my liking then all hell would > > > > break lose.
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