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[IPp] Re: Copy of Matthews IEP (very long)

Hi Sarah,
     Yes, I agree, your IEP was very thorough!!  I can't imagine anyone 
connected with schools in Canada ever reading such long documents.  I have 
presented teachers with a 10 minute reading summary of diabetes and have had 
them ask me "Which part do I have to read?".  Now I make them sit down with 
me and listen to my presentation, (had nurses/CDEs do it a couple of times 
and they were awful) and I know that their brains are just spinning.  
     Claire is in grade 3, but has had 5 different schools and 6 different 
teachers in her life, not counting pre-school (dx at age 2).  I dread 
educating the new ones every year.  At least at this new school, there are 2 
other DM kids, the first time we've experienced this.  The parents of the 
little one in grade 1 have really done a lot of training and stuff for the 
school, (so I've heard), but now the school seems to think that DM is totally 
dangerous for this 6 year old, but is not a big deal at all for the 11 year 
old boy, nor for my daughter.  I always stress that DM is serious for ALL 
kids, and that is why I don't like the confusion with Type 2 issues. 
     I go to the school every day at lunch to check bgs and calculate bolus 
amounts.  I'm happier this year as one of the playground supervisors/lunch 
monitors is very nice and has a young nephew with  DM.  (The one last year 
complained to the principal of the school about me the first day--the old 
biddy!). But she showed me her sheet of medical info on certain kids--she 
carries it in a fanny pack at all times--and there was no mention of my 
daughter.  Its most annoying--I spoke to the principal in June and again in 
late August about Claire and DM.  
     I know its different for you in the USA who have some legal protection 
on these issues, but I don't like to trust my daughter's care to anyone.  
They just forget things too easily.  At least now when morning snack is 
"forgotten" by the teacher, it shouldn't result in a serious low, as happened 
when Claire was only 4 years old. In the UK the headmaster wasn't even told 
about medical problems--it just wasn't considered his responsibility.  If you 
didn't like it you were quite welcome to leave the school and go elsewhere. 

Barbara, Mum of Claire 8   

> Actually, I think the IEP I proposed was well said and covered literally 
> everything. However, I am also no longer in the same boat as Cindy is with 
> her daughters school. My sons school came to their senses and realized that 
> I 
> meant business and if things were not done to my liking then all hell would 
> break lose.  
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