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Re: [IPp] IEP instead of 504

>He doesn't have to write it either . You can do it if you like

Dear Michael,

I DID write the 504.  There were several changes made that the lawyer
changed right on her lap top pc at the meeting and supposedly sent to
him!  That whole idea didn't even strike me until right now.  Thay are
truly playing games with me, aren't they?

Your attorney

>ought to be absolutely gleeful with that prospect. heh... heh... for

>good measure, run it by your daughter's medical team for signature,

>thus imposing the weight of a "medical order" on your written plan

You can bet your bottom dollar that I will have my entire medical team,
lawyer and even pediatrician (if necessary) sign off on this damned
thing!  I am really fuming now!

My lawyer has assured me that the IEP would be very beneficial to Jessy,
my dad talked to his school board lawyer, who also assured him that as
long as all they label Jessy with is Other Health Impared, it is a great
idea.  My dad said that wealthy kids all over the US are getting IEP's
just for better treatment, and extra tutoring....very funny, I get it
without spending a dime.

My problem is still with how they went about it.  The lying that is
involved, the secrecy and the underhanded manipulitive way they handled
the entire thing.  I spent ALL summer writting and rewritting that 504,
it ruined my entire summer, took time away from my children, and caused
such stress and unhappiness with me just trying to make sure that every
aspect was covered.  I was VERY proud of that 504!  Like I said, there
were a few minor changes in it to suit everyone, that I had agreed to,
and the lawyer changed them right there on the spot.  What the H E double
toothpicks is he talking about, not having time to write that!  I must be
more exhausted than I thought not to have thought of that before!  Thanks
for the wake up call, Michael.......oh I am so MAD right now!  I am
actually seeing red!  Good thing it is late Friday night and I have all
weekend to calm down before I confront the weasel!


Cindy, pump mom to Jessy (8) dx 1/02, Julie (4)non diab. and Trevor
(1)non diab. 


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