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[IPp] IEP's and 504's

My 7 yr old goes to a private school, that does accept public grant money.  
she has been at this school for 4 years.  The first 3 they were awesome.  
This year we have had nothing but trouble.  There is a new principal and 
counselor, and the teacher, who had a brother with t1, does not get how 
unstable my kid is.  They have asked me to sign a waver that states they will 
not be held responsible for anything for any reason, that I will never sue 
them, that they do not have to test or administer insulin unless they want 
to, that they are not responsible for interpreting result of any test, and on 
and on.  Yeah right like I would really sign something like that.
Our CDE went out to the school on Wed to try to educate these people and I 
have contacted the ADA to ask for some advocacy help, with no results.
Now to the point, I have asked for a 504 and given them samples to use.  
(downloaded from this site of course!)  I get no response on implementing any 
written plan, except of coure the waiver they want me to sign.  Any 
suggestion on how to get them to put one into effect?
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