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Re: [IPp] Re: Copy of Matthews IEP (very long)


Actually, I think the IEP I proposed was well said and covered literally 
everything. However, I am also no longer in the same boat as Cindy is with 
her daughters school. My sons school came to their senses and realized that I 
meant business and if things were not done to my liking then all hell would 
break lose.  Matthew has had some serious lows last year and ended up in the 
hospital for one of them, having me get him from school and rushing to the 
E.R.  This was not an error on the schools part, just a bad unexplained day 
for Matthew, which actually he ended up with the Flu.  I know that for me, 
and Matthews school, they understand the seriousness of this disease and they 
are now on the same page with me, that Matthew must remain safe and healthy 
while at school and that the school must do everything to make certain he is. 
 I also had a lawyer last year, but it never went far enough to have him go 
to a meeting with me.  I gathered tons of info and was armed for anything 
they may throw my way.
I am now happy to report that the school is great, very caring for Matthew. 
And I have gotten several notes from his teacher and a few other teachers 
praising him for good work done and for being very responsible with testing 
and bolusing. He is a kindergartner by the way.  I also found out today that 
Matthew earned "Student Of The Month"....I am so proud of my boy!!!  He has 
come a long way since last year and having him repeat kindergarten was the 
smartest thing I have done.
Sarah :)
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