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Re: [IPp] IEP instead of 504

> >BTW, what is the basis for which the plan to cover her with the IEP??
> >Diabetes alone is not enough.
> Dear Michael,
> I am assuming at this point that they are basing this on Other
> Health Impairments.....then again, you never know......and also the
> comment was made by the principal that he just didn't have the time
> to take care of the 504.....not in those exact words, but that was
> the point he was making.

That's not your problem. The school is obligated under federal law to 
provide the 504 accomodations whether he has the time or not :-)
He doesn't have to write it either . You can do it if you like. The 
school must agree to any reasonable accomodations you request. Since 
the principal has given you the opening, write the 504 yourself and 
have a representative of the school district sign it. Your attorney 
ought to be absolutely gleeful with that prospect. heh... heh... for 
good measure, run it by your daughter's medical team for signature, 
thus imposing the weight of a "medical order" on your written plan.

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