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[IPp] Re: Copy of Matthews IEP (very long)

When I am educating teachers, etc, about Type 1 Diabetes, I always stress 
that without insulin a Type 1 cannot live.  It is usually reported from a 
Type 2 perspective--high bgs, lead to complications in the long run etc.  But 
as we all know, without insulin your child will go into a coma VERY rapidly 
and left  untreated, death will result within days.  

I know this is strong language, but I feel it is essential to get this point 
across so that people understand the seriousness of the disease.

I would have the references to Type 2 diabetes removed from the following 
IEP, if it were my child.  

Barbara, Mum of Claire 8

> Matthew T. Ashley, student, has type 1 diabetes.  Diabetes is a serious, 
> chronic disease that impairs the body's ability to use food.  Insulin, a 
> hormone produced by the pancreas, helps the body convert food into energy.  
> In people with diabetes, either the pancreas doesn't make insulin or the 
> body 
> cannot use insulin properly.  Without insulin, the body's main energy 
> source 
> - - glucose - cannot be used as fuel.   Rather, glucose builds up in the 
> blood. 
> Over many years, high blood glucose levels can cause damage to the eyes, 
> kidneys, nerves, heart and blood vessels.
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