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Re: [IPp] IEP instead of 504

> >My brain is very fuzzy this morning but I don't believe they can teat
> her for
> >Spec Ed without your permission.....and it is a lot of testing
> Dear Beverly,
> You are not fuzzy....lol....I do have to sign papers in order to
> have her tested.  My lawyer wants me to go ahead with it.  However,
> I do NOT have to accept anything other than OHI.  End of story.  We
> will take one step at a time, and as far as the 504 also is
> concerned, I am waiting for Michaels opinion on this one.  My lawyr
> doesn't feel it is necessary, but if Michael does, I will push the
> issue further. 

I just consider it an extra layer of protection. The enforcement 
mechanisms for 504 are different and independent of the IEP. The 
school prefers the IEP because they get extra bucks that can be used 
as they see fit. 504 provides them nothing and saddles them with 
mandates to care for your child. Again, you have nothing to lose by 
having both. Only the school can lose if they fail to live up to the 
requirements of the law. With 504 you can file a complaint with the 
feds and do not have to litigate. Under IEP you usually must 
litigate. Check this with your attorney.

If it were my child and I'd had this much hassle from the school, I 
would definitely want as much protection as possible.

BTW, what is the basis for which the plan to cover her with the IEP?? 
Diabetes alone is not enough.

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