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Re: [IPp] IEP instead of 504

> Dear All,
> I know this is just repitition at this point, but I just came from
> my "504" meeting to finalize everything at the school, and they have
> decided that instead of a 504, Jessica would benifit more from an
> IEP.  Of course my lawyer wasn't there to help me out, and I didn't
> call her because there is still time to change the way things are
> going if need be.  What I want is your opinions on this issue.  They
> have assured me that this will be a better scenario for Jessy, as an
> IEP is good for 3 years (versus the annual 504 plan), that Jessy
> will have a case worker that I can speak to more directly, and that
> everything is more direct and concrete. 

There is no reason whatsoever not to have BOTH. That way the school 
is really under the hammer to do their job. Congratulate them on 
their decision about the IEP and insist that they also put the 504 
plan in place. Jessy will be protected by both laws and you will have 
plenty of recourse. If they argue with you about it, simply ask them 
why. :-) They will probably say it's unnecessary, but then you can 
say that they should have no objections. I'm pretty sure your 
attorney will agree.

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