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Re: [IPp] IEP instead of 504

because she has to be declared with something in order to

>qualify for an IEP...meaning speach and language impairment or autism,

>deafness, hearing impairment, or an other health impairment such as:

>limited strength, vitality or alertness due to chronic or acute health

>problems which includes diabetes by the way...but the diabetes must make

>more difficult for the child to learn and that has to be proven or have

>specific learning disability.

Dear Sarah,

Jessica doesn't have a learning disability, other than when her sugars
are up and she can't concentrate.  She is a very bright little girl.  I
am very upset by this IEP thing now.  Yes, she will have a case worker,
but the person I am afraid that it will be is a certified moran!  I know
the school is lacking in taxes (they lost out at the end of last year for
a tax raise) and quite frankly I think they are looking at my daughter
with dollar signs in their eyes instead of trying to do what is right by
her.  My father who was a teacher for 30+ years and is now on the Board
of Eduaction at my old high school is highly upset by this new "twist"
they threw at me today, at a meeting where my "lawyer wasn't necessary".

>the IEP and in fact I'd prefer one over a 504. I feel it has a tad more

>and protection.

I am still waiting for my lawyer to get back to me on this, but my father
is freaking about it.  He says that they do NOT have to follow it to a
tee like they do with the 504 because they loose federal funding for not
following the 504 and Jessy could just get "lost" with the IEP!  Once
they get the money, they don't have to follow anything if they choose not
to for whatever their reasons may be.

Thay are taking her snack bolus away from her (by that I mean they are
not letting her do it in class anymore, she HAS to go to the nurse to do
it, even though it was OK'd by her endo)

They are already pulling all kinds of crap.  I am sick over this.  I'm
tired, and I just can't stop crying. 


Cindy, pump mom to Jessy (8) dx 1/02, Julie (4)non diab. and Trevor
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>Cindy, > >Matthew has an IEP with his school instead of a 504. The
reason he has an IEP >is because he also gets speech therapy at school
and is under the Other >Health Impairment therefor qualifying him for an
IEP. I am totally fine with After speaking with several Parent Advocacy
groups here in CT >and with the State of Ct along with our Endo, everyone
told me that the IEP >is better and stronger. However, when Matthew no
longer needs speech therapy >we will switch over to the 504. And it is my
understanding that we still meet >yearly and have what is called a PPT
meeting to go over and review Matthew's >file and medical needs as well
as educational needs. And if I ever want a >meeting before the one year
mark...I may have one. I also have a "case >worker" for Matthew at his
school which happens to be his speech teacher and >that really doesn't
mean anything as far as I can tell. She just does the >paper work from
meetings and takes minutes and puts it all together for his >file. >Go
with the IEP if you can, but my question is why? Why are they saying she
>needs an IEP... >I hope I am not confusing you and if I am feel free to
email me or call me >anytime. I will email you privately with my home
phone number. I have a slew >of info from the CT State of Parent and
Advocacy and I have put together a >binder for me to keep all of my
"diabetes" stuff in. >Hope I have helped... > > >Sarah :) Mom to Matthew
(6) MM Paradigm since May 2002, dxd 3/99 and >Victoria (7) Non-D...Love
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