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Re: [IPp] re: replacing pumps-MM,others?

Do any companies replace pumps free after warranties run out?  It sounded 
like that was an expectation in the previous posting.  I don't know of any 
company that replaces any product  free after the warranty runs out and I 
wouldn't expect them to do so.  What I would expect is a reasonable charge 
for repair or replacement based on the condition and age of the product. In 
the case of an insulin pump I would hope my insurance carrier would pay that 
price.  I guess the frustration comes in when you know there is a newer and 
superior product available and you have to accept the less up to date 
repaired one or did I miss the point in an earlier message?  We just started 
pumping a few months ago, so I guess we'll have to face this dilemma 
Sherry, mom to Liz, age 13, dx 3/01, ppMM508-5/02   
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