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[IPp] Re: Precision Xtra Ketone testing

The "real" time test of blood ketones is the great thing about the meter.  
When Claire was hospitalized for DKA, she went in Friday noon and by Saturday 
evening the meter was reading 0.0 blood ketones.  However, they were still 
showing up in her urine the next morning--and she had peed a lot, as they 
were giving her 140 ml per hour in the IV.  She was waterlogged!  

No one at the hospital had ever heard of this meter to test ketones, one 
paediatrician told me he didn't understand what the reading meant, so just do 
pee tests.  Same doc as told my hubby that injections worked just fine for 
millions of people, why should she be on a pump.  Yes, and horses and wagons 
don't break down as often as cars, either.  

Barbara, Mum of Claire 8
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