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Re: [IPp] Re: Celiac Disease Tests

> There is a new blood test called Antiendomysial Antibody Test.   This test
> detects antibodies for gluten in the body.  It is far more accurate then
> previous test.  These tests need to be done while a person is still taking
> A biopsy includes easing a long tube called an endoscope through the mouth
> and stomach to the small intestine.  The doctor will remove tiny samples
> tissues from the lining of the small intestine using instruments passed
> through the endoscope.

My husband recently was blood tested again for Celiac.  This time it came
back positive.  Even though a biopsy is usually done to confirm this, he has
decided not to have it done (doesn't like hospitals or drs) Of course he
didn't have a problem with his two children having their biopsies years ago.
Yes, without the biopsy I think he has it, what with the family history and
all. It's just the example it sets for the kids that gets me!  Instead he
has put himself on a gluten-free diet, only he's driving me crazy because he
won't substitute any of the gluten-free foods in place of what he can't
have.  I told him "I cook regular food and gluten-free food, but I'm not
cooking a third choice so he's on his own"

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