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Re: [IPp] Re: Celiac Disease Tests

The first test is a blood test to check for anemia.  Until recently, a blood
test called (EMA) Ant-endomysial Antibody Test was done to detect for
anti-bodies in the blood.   This test does not prove that a person has the
disease.  Some people show antibodies but do not have celiac disease.  It
was believed that blood tests were strictly for screening and were often

There is a new blood test called Antiendomysial Antibody Test.   This test
detects antibodies for gluten in the body.  It is far more accurate then the
previous test.  Researchers believe that if the anitbodies don't show up in
the blood test, then it won't show up in the biopsy.  Still, a definite
diagnosis can only be made by a small bowel biopsy done by a
gastrointestinal specialist.  These tests need to be done while a person is
still taking gluten.

A biopsy includes easing a long tube called an endoscope through the mouth
and stomach to the small intestine.  The doctor will remove tiny samples of
tissues from the lining of the small intestine using instruments passed
through the endoscope.  Under a microscope, the lining will be studied to
detect any damage to the tissue.  The biopsy is often done with little
discomfort and no anaesthetic.  Once diagnosed the person is required to
immediately go on a gluten free diet for life.
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