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[IPp] Precision Xtra ketone testing

Hi Barbara,
We recently tried using the ketone blood test strips and we had a hard time, 
too.  Ended up wasting 4 of the 8 in our box in one day.  That convinced me 
to just keep tons of the ketostix in the house, since they are much easier 
to use, provided he needs to use the RR.  I did call Medisense to see what I 
was doing wrong.  They suggested making sure it's a big bead of blood, and 
then sort of rolling your finger side-to-side over the oval window until you 
get the dashes.  They did several diagnostic checks with me over the phone, 
for the meter.  Also, they were kind enough to send me a new box of ketone 
test strips, due to learning curve/user error.    One day, we will try 
again.  In the meantime, we use the OT Ultra for everyday blood checks and 
the ketostix...

mom to Jeremy, 8, pumping 6/02

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